Ad Hoc totally devoted to offer ritual services at your doorstep with guaranteed sanctity and conviction in the religious practices followed by our ancestors. With our state of the art echnological background, we connect you with the deity you worship through poojas, homams, rituals for pithru seva. Our environment and facilities reinforce your faith in God and earn the benedictions of the deity you worship through poojas and homams.

Pooja as per your specific needs

The following is our full list of the most recommended poojas for remedies and for achieving success in various wakes of life.

  • Ganesha Pooja
  • Shiva Pooja
  • Devi Pooja
  • Vishnu Pooja
  • Lakshmi Pooja
  • Satynarayan Pooja/ Katha
  • Saraswati Pooja
  • Dhanwantri Pooja
  • Navgraha Pooja
  • Nakshtra Pooja


All round Progress & Prosperity-Ekadsha Rudrabhisekham,Chandi Homm

Health Related Needs-Rudrabhisekham,Yaksha Homm ,Mritunjay Homm & Dhanwantri Homm

Wealth Related Needs-Aishwarya Lakshmi &Aishwarya Ganpati

Any auspicious results  -Udaka Shanti Pooja

Business related needs-Aishwarya Lakshmi &Aishwarya Ganpati

Conceiving & children–   Sanatana Gopala Homm,Sanatana Lakshmi,Sanatana Parmeshwara

Education related Needs–  Sarswati Pooja,Vidya Ganpati   &Vidya Lakshmi

Acting arts, music & dance–  Saraswati

Love & Marriage Problem–  Swaymbra Parvati homm &Mangal Gauri

Marriage & Maritals–  Swaymbra Parvati homm& Mangal Gauri


Sucess in Job–  Ganesh Homm&Vijay Lakshmi

To clear Obstacles–  Sankat hare Ganesha

Courtcase-Letigation/ Dispute–  Chandi Homm &Vijay Lakshmi

Girha Parvesh–  Girha Parvesh &Vastu Shanti Homm

Birth Chart-Dosh Removal–  Ekadashi Rudrabhisekham &Specific planet Shanti as chart required.

Mangla Dosh–  Mangal Shanti ,Kartikey Homm, Mangal Gauri

Sadhe Saati Shanti Transit- Shani Shanti &Hanuman Homm

Black Magic Removal–  Sudershan Homm

Fears/Fobias-Enemies–  Sudershan Homm

Nakshtra –  Nakshtra Pooja

Sharadh (anniversary)–  Sharaadh (anniversary) atma shanti ceremoney

Monthly archna- Mahashivratri Pardos Pooja &Ruderbhisekham

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