Insurance against fire is one thing and to ensure that it doesn’t take happen in the first place is what is more important. With more
and more people working in a comparatively smaller workplace with the homes too getting more vulnerable to such disaster it is
very important to have a fire-fighting system in place. What’s more this can also help you control some minor incidences of fire. To
ensure that such an eventually is effectively tackled Ad Hoc has tied-up with the team of professionals representing some of the
leading brands in this industry to make your home/offices fire-proof. In addition, to this they can also guide you to the smaller
variations of such machines that can even be carried in your vehicle for use should such an eventuality arise.
Type of Services
• Fire Extinguisher
• Fire Safety Training
• Fire Alarm System
• PA System
• Fire Fighting Equipments• Fire Fighting Compliances
• AMC of Fire Fighting Equipments
• Servicing of Fire Fighting structure